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Colin Ross


Colin Ross

Colin Ross was born on 27 February 1948. He started work in 1965 with Chivas, in Keith, as a management trainee. Here, he set to work mastering all areas of distilling.

In 1971, he moved to Tormore with his young family as Brewer and worked his way up to become Assistant Manager.

His first Distillery Managerial position came when he was posted to Ben Nevis Distillery in 1983. After six years, he made a move to Islay to Laphroaig before being lured back to Ben Nevis two years later.

This time, he was named Managing Director, as he remains to this day. Colin has spent his entire life in the industry, learning and honing every aspect of his craft. His skills have been acquired through practical knowledge, thanks to the quality of distilleries he has worked in. This knowledge is balanced and tempered with what he has assimilated over the years from written works and interfacing with managers; all of whom hold him in the highest of esteem.

He has a keen nose and palate, and has developed many whiskies, especially from Ben Nevis, ranging from blends to much older and award winning single malts. This east coast Highlander also has a wonderful sense of art and design evidenced by the labels, packaging and advertising on his products.

Colin takes people on a journey with him. He instils his work ethic and values, and is an incredible motivator, allowing people to realise their potential. His door is always open and he makes time to listen and offer advice. He is always on hand to lend support to all staff members.

Colin has the rare gift of imparting knowledge without teaching or lecturing. He is an amazing raconteur and tells tales of characters and incidents in the industry. He brings them to life and keeps alive these facets which are sadly disappearing. Colin’s team feels privileged to work with a man who has given so much and taken back so little. He is so modest about his achievements.

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